Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Matt Taibbi on the 'Occupy Wall Street' Protests


My Thoughts:

I became interested in the Occupy Wall Street movement ever since I first heard of it. It is a shame that so many are unaware of this because sponsored news organizations have no desire to cover this story due to political allegations. News is supposed to be unbiased. Not covering this shows EXACTLY how biased the mainstream news organizations are. It is obvious that they are merely trying to protect their own self-interests. There is a lot of money to be gained through public panic. Politicians can easily use them to make the public go in whichever direction they are aiming for through careful manipulation of media coverage. In this case, they do not want attention drawn to Wall Street because they want to protect their money. Although many news organizations thrive off of public outrage such as this, it is a definitely suspicious that no one would want to cover this. Usually this happens when people have committed crimes that they do not want exposed. (Hint hint.)

Second, it is interesting how brutal the police are in response to this movement. Of course police brutality is a serious issue in many cases, but here, they have an advantage that mainstream news organizations are not covering these occurrences. In their minds, bloggers and independent news sources are going to be seen as conspiracy theorists, showing just how stupid these Koch-sponsored government officials think our people are. Then, when their actions are caught on film, they claim that the videos were doctored. How arrogant are they to think they have more of a right to abuse people than we have to voice our opinions, peacefully?

Officer Bologna, in particular, has become a perfect example of everything that injustice stands for. Police officers are just as much a part of Wall Street crimes as the rest of the country (minus the 1% of billionaires for whom this country apparently must bend over backwards for.) To me, it is sad that they cannot see what these crimes will do to their OWN careers. Or perhaps these officers have already made a deal with the devil.

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