Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Politics, from an Anthropological Standpoint

Anthropologically speaking, politics was meant to be an altruistic system. It has strayed so far from that. People have been taught to be frightened of politics so that they have no impact and no voice, and thus the corrupt are easily able to use this to their advantage. It was not just Obama and the Democrats who were being extorted during this debt deal - everyone was (though we still have to be infuriated over the actions that have been taking place, but that is another story...), because those who claim to not have an opinion are the ones GOP relies on. Many think that fear is good for society...that people should fear God and know their place. But power based on fear is NOT a "blessing" for humanity and never will be. There is this odd (and false) version of Darwinian evolution that many capitalist Republicans incessantly regurgitate to the masses. They tell the public that we were created for greatness and power. The strong survive and the weak die. It's not their fault, that's just the way life is. That is the way it was intended and who are we to disrupt the system? This mindset is completely false and demeans the very idea of evolution. Humans came to be through altruism. Our intelligence was used for creating families and support systems. We were not meant to take over the world. We were meant to help others, yet Republicans find that so hard to believe. If this was not true, we would not be in such a financial, environmental, and ethical state of crisis right now. But of course GOP refuses to believe that as well. By not using our brains we are denying what it is to be human. We are essentially murdering our own kind. At least that's what we do when we disregard the human casualties of not only our actions, but our inactions.

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