Friday, June 17, 2011

The Real Enemies

In a time of social networking and vast internet media expansion, the news is starting to get fairly interesting. It is wonderful to see more and more people concerned with the world around them. The use of twitter alone, as a part of making history, has been phenomenal and a huge advantage for anyone who wants to advocate a particular message or ideology. However, the downside of this, (besides the whole social issue of everyone becoming too connected to technology, etc.) is the fact that this is also an effective distraction tool. After the recent incidents with Congressmen Anthony Weiner and other spotlight scandals/stories, I could not help but notice how easy it is to keep the country from making any true progress by backing up the system with continuous media dribble about Sarah Palin and The Weinergate Chronicles. I, too, enjoy partaking in poking fun at, for lack of a better word, ill-informed Republicans and the average political penis joke. However, what we need to realize is that this is not NEWS. When these scandal/dumb politician/oh-no-she-didn't stories become the focus of daily life, we are losing a major part of the overall picture. Dumb Republicans/Tea Partiers like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are not the biggest threat to our country. Politicians are hardly anything but pawns, as the multinational corporations, oil companies, big banks, and Wallstreet (etc) are the ones who control(/own) this country (/world). To me, the only politicians that are worth anything are the ones who recognize this issue. It is not even about Democratic or Republican ideology. As much as I consider myself a true Liberal, I believe in open expression of opinion, however, Conservatism these days is not about the government's role in society. It has twisted itself into a deranged, corporate ass-kissing machine that is determined to keep up a specific set of standards and disregard everyone else who exists in this world (not that the Democrats don't have problems, either). I truly believe this worship of greed and the unnatural, skewed version of Darwinism has become far too disgusting for me to bear. I just hope I'm not the only one.


Jack said...

Welcome to plutocracy, although you retain the right to bitch!

auraldissonance said...

Oh you're definitely NOT the only one who feels this way. Corporate greed and big business in general are so far out of control it isn't even remotely funny anymore. This country is self-destructing and these corporate assholes are just fanning the flames for maximum profit. It's, as you said, disgusting.