Thursday, March 24, 2011

Twitter: #100factsaboutme

1 - I have two from getting bitten by a dog, the other from appendicitis.

2 - I am Russian, Scottish, Italian, and Native American (my great great grandmother was Cherokee).

3 - I am half Jewish (as far as background goes). Some of my family are Holocaust survivors.

4 - I have a lot of recessive traits (can't roll my tongue or taste a certain taste - tested in high school biology)

5 - I'm from Georgia, but I have never had a southern accent. Neither does my dad. People find that fascinating.

6 - When I was a kid, I was afraid of vacuum cleaners. I also thought that the folding movie seats were going to eat me.

7 - I used to be Republican.

8 - My first kiss and first sexual encounter were both with women. (Gentlemen, contain your orgasms.)

9 - My eyes were blue up until I turned 13, then they turned green.

10 - I named 4 of my grandparents' cats. Squishy Nan, Soft and Gentle, Kaffy, and Chipper.

11 - I have two pairs of handcuffs. That's just how awesome I am.

12 - I was a huge nerd in high school. No one ever wanted to date me.

13 - I can't ride a bike.

14 - I love the outdoors. I go camping and canoeing with my dad at least twice a year.

15 - My favorite song when I was a kid: Jah Live by Bob Marley.

16 - I don't like James Bond. I am, however, a fan of Indiana Jones.

17 - I hate ketchup.

18 - I love sushi.

19 - I can slightly play the drums and the guitar, but I'm not good at either.

20 - I absolutely hate cooking.

21 - I don't drink soft drinks.

22 - I can't whistle.

23 - I have OCD when it comes to objects being lined up straight. Sometimes my friends move things in my room just ever so slightly in order to mess with me.

24 - I am a lot like my dad in many ways. I hate playing Scategories with him because we think too alike and put down the same answers.

25 - I was always notorious for being "boy-crazy" and "hot for teacher."

26 - Despite my sexual nature, I am pretty paranoid about safety, and therefore, have only had a few partners.

27 - I once kicked a guy in the balls for touching my boobs.

28 - I love icing more than the cake.

29 - I want to do naughty things to John Cusack.

30 - I watch porn.

31 - When I was 16, I was arrested for attempting suicide (somehow). Instead of juvenile, they sent me to a mental hospital.

32 - My favorite movie is Jurassic Park.

33 - My bra size is 34 C.

34 - I love spicy food. Sometimes, I even drink shots of hot sauce.

35 - When I was in middle school, I used to steal gel pens from the school store.

36 - I played the part of Dodecahedron in my school's production of the play The Phantom Tollbooth.

37 - I hate the song "Fly Like an Eagle."

38 - My first love was chocolate.

39 - I love discussing politics and world events. I think it is a shame that so many simply do not care.

40 - My favorite video games are Frogger and Sonic the Hedgehog.

41 - I am terrified of cockroaches. Those fuckers freak me out.

42 - I can eat cereal every day and not get tired of it.

43 - I have a pair of hot pink lightning bolt earrings.

44 - I am a fan of Mel Brooks. :]

45 - I like to play pool. However, I wish I was better at it.

46 - I hate looking at advertisements. They're all pretty much gibberish and bullshit.

47 - I think John Cusack has the sexiest voice.

48 - I used to do Improv comedy a while back.

49 - My middle name is Desiree (with an accent mark).

50 - I love it when men are awkward and shy.

51 - I have a very weak sense of smell.

52 - I had a pet bunny named Oreo. His head and butt were black, but his stomach was white.

53 - I like penises. B====D

54 - I have ridden horses a couple of times. It was rather uncomfortable.

55 - I have never once complained about the toilet seat being left up, and I still cannot figure out why it is a big deal.

56 - I don't fake orgasms. I don't see the point because sex is good for me regardless.

57 - My favorite food is shrimp.

58 - I spent 3 months abroad in Germany.

59 - I have a birthmark on my elbow.

60 - I cannot sleep with the television on.

61 - I have already been given the nickname Bones (as in the tv-show...since she is a forensic anthropologist).

62 - My shoe size is 9 1/2.

63 - I will actually drive 2 hours away just to get a Chick-Fil-A sandwich.

64 - I love to swim and I love being underwater. I have a pair of dorky face mask goggles and I still use them (just not in public). :]

65 - Halloween is my favorite holiday. Coincidentally, horror/thriller is my favorite genre.

66 - I have no full siblings. I just have two half-brothers, one half-sister, and one step-sister.

67 - I wrote an entire comic series about a grim reaper named Tim Reaper and his friend Bob. Unfortunately, I lost it. (Which is probably for the best, anyways.)

68 - I desperately want to visit Costa Rica.

69 - ♥ I LOVE SEX ♥

70 - I have a slight crush on Gene Wilder.

71 - I could listen to Led Zeppelin's D'yer Mak'er repeatedly and not get tired of it.

72 - Jesus-freaks make me angry.

73 - In high school, I used to steal lunches from the cafeteria.

74 -
I subtly hold my boobs in place when walking down stairs.

75 - I have quite a sock collection.

76 - I have never had a cavity.

77 - Raw cookie dough is my guilty pleasure.

78 - I get off on this 70 Hemi Cuda Convertible

79 - My favorite movie quote is the "Mawage" quote from The Princess Bride.

80 - My favorite Groucho Marx quote is "Don't look now, but there's one too many in this room and I think it's you."

81 - I do not care to mingle with places that decline to serve breakfast all day. (lol)

82 - My biggest pet peeve is road rage.

83 - Places that don't take American Express just piss me off.

84 - I'm such a lightweight I could probably get inebriated off of Kool-aid.

85 - Depeche Mode, Garbage, OMD, CCR, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Van Halen, and The Who are some of my favorite bands.

86 - The songs that mean the most to me: Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division, Looking Out My Back Door - CCR.

87 - The Platters are my favorite 50s band. I love the song Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.

88 - The film A Streetcar Named Desire is one of my favorite films of all time.

89 - Some of my favorite books: Catcher in the Rye, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, The Road, The Secret Garden, Call of the Wild.

90 - My favorite childhood books: Black Beauty, Heidi, Walk Two Moons, The Secret Garden (still a fave), Nancy Drew series.

91 - I miss thunderstorms. I love California, but it doesn't storm here, oddly.

92 - I absolutely love Eva Gabor's voice.

93 - I am a pro at fastening and unfastening my bra without moving it. :)

94 - I love kids and I'm pretty good with them. I am the go-to babysitter because often the kids love me, too. :)

95 - Whenever I go to a diner, I always order chocolate milk except, on occasion, when they offer chocolate soda.

96 - I make my own clothes for The Sims using GIMP and The Sims Bodyshop.

97 - My favorite alcoholic beverages are Pina Coladas and White Russians.

98 - I am a bargain hunter. I bought my prom dress for $50.

99 - My favorite character from Sex and the City is Samantha.

100 - I would absolutely love to travel around the world on a cruise ship. :]


101. Billy Idol. (brought to you via Formspring question, hehe)

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