Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Note to Right-Wingers:

You want to know what really ticks me off? The unemployment rate. Also, right-wingers who love to argue with me by saying words that go something along the lines of "get a job!" You know what my thoughts are, GOP? First of all, still to this day, women get paid less than men. That is an absolute fact. Not only that, but you right-wingers also don't believe in allowing women in the military or allowing women to work in jobs that require more physical labor. I have read many arguments on why people think women should not be in the military, not be firefighters, police officers, or anything involved with either labor or danger. So besides already getting paid less, we are limited on the jobs we can even THINK about getting into. We already have to deal with pervert employers (and co-workers) among having regulation on our appearance. Before anyone gets into anything, YES women have regulations on wearing heels and make-up in many places in this country. Thankfully, there are plenty of employers who see what is terribly wrong with this and do not apply these regulations. But basically, (back to my original point), jobs are not so available to people as you would like to think. What happens if you're pregnant or have kids? That is sure to affect employment as well. So you know what happens, GOP? Women end up going into prostitution and other parts of the sex industry. Then you like to complain about us degrading sex and life, blah, blah, blah. Well, maybe you should spend more time thinking about your selfish actions unless you really WANT to be labeled as a cruel individual.

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