Tuesday, October 19, 2010

John Cusack's "Satanic" Tweet Controversy Is Starting To Get Old

"I AM FOR A SATANIC DEATH CULT CENTER AT FOX NEWS HQ AND OUTSIDE THE OFFICES ORDICK ARMEYAND NEWT GINGRICH-and all the GOP WELFARE FREAKS." This was said on August 29th. Now it is October 19th, and I am STILL hearing about this.

I don't know about any of you, but I am in shock that people are STILL bashing John Cusack over this. First of all, this was not even remotely violent, nor was it wishing death on everyone. All these people who are saying that he is urging people to kill Dick Armey and Newt Gingrich and whoever else they bring up are seriously out of their minds. Obviously, the tweet jokingly says he is for a cult center outside of their houses and FOX News Headquarters. It does not even have to do with wishing death on anyone AT ALL. All this started just because some uptight right-wing Jesus-freaks do not believe in having a "mosque" (which is not even what it is) at Ground Zero, despite the fact that the Constitution (which they think they are defending) very clearly states that people have the right to freedom of religion in the First Amendment. This is not, like, the 16th Amendment (not that it matters.) But, this is the First Amendment. Because freedom of religion was what this country was founded on (well, if you want to be patriotic, at least, despite the fact that this land was stolen and people were murdered and tortured to the max for being "uncivilized.") Yet when Glenn Beck preaches his violent rhetoric and an armed assassin inspired from his show tries to kill a distinct group of people who Glenn Beck has publicly targeted, this is "not his fault," or the topic is "irrelevant." Yeah...well, that's a bunch of bullshit. Have these people actually listened to Rush Limbaugh and others like him speak? Or were they just dropped on their heads at birth? I have not seen John Cusack fans go out and attempt to murder anyone at Fox News. Yet, I have seen more than one Glenn Beck fan attempt murder. Is this NOT a sign?

Please, you sexist, racist, anti-progressive, right-wing nitwits--spare me from your batshit crazy hate-spewing anti-masturbation agendas. If I wanted to be fucked in the ears, I would have ordered it on the menu. Thanks a lot, America.

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