Tuesday, April 27, 2010

As if Arrogance is Irrelevant

This extremely arrogant guy sent me a message on myspace (titled Hello and Chillax): Don't get psyched out or too cocky, but I was just browsing and noticed a cute girl. So here is me saying hello and seeing what you think of me. Well sometimes fate can do so much to bring u an opportunity the rest is up to you to act on it. ciao --> I answered back saying that I was not interested and he responded by saying: Too bad for you. First of all, chill out dude, I'm not that into you. Second of all, I can see right through your pathetic attempt of trying to score a meaningless one-night stand with a girl you just happened to find on the internet by using seemingly "big" words and a misguided mention of how fate is supposed to be "romantic" to do your dirty work. So, kindly fuck off.

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